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Planning Blue Cruise

Our “Blue Cruise” tours offer rich routes in the South Aegean and Western Mediterranean regions. We invite you to open the doors of a magical world with our numerous bays and alternatives where you can experience every shade of blue. If you want to enjoy the routes created by our experienced team for you, our cabin charter programs will suit you. If you are dreaming of a special journey with your family and loved ones, we are at your service with our special boat rental option.

We recommend that you pay attention to all details to avoid any setbacks during your journey. We are with you in this process and our experienced team has compiled for you the things you should consider before the blue cruise:

Selection of Date

The perfect blue cruise for you and your loved ones will start with a well-organized date selection to suit everyone.Luckily, the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts will be embracing us for our blue voyage starting from April to the end of October (whether for cabin charter of for boat charter). When planning your blue tour holiday, you should note that our rental boats’ and cabins’ departure are on Saturday and they return also on Saturday.

Selection of Route

Don't think that your blue voyage will only consist of the sea. In addition to being a holiday that you spend time on the unique coasts and deep blue seas, the blue cruise creates areas where you can go for walks, experience the culture of the region, learn its history and taste its texture. Our cruise time in the “Blue Voyage” is around four hours per day. Accordingly, you should plan the route of the journey that will take place in the lap of the blue according to your expectations. Our experienced team and captains are always at your side when creating your route. Come on, let us plan your splendid journey to the blues and the routes you want to go to the finest detail.

Holiday Budget

Regardless of your budget for your dream blue cruise, our rental boats are absolutely  available for your and your loved ones’ comfort. Please note that all our boats are well maintained and clean. Every boat is waiting for you with its complete staff. Our rental boats are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different dream for a blue cruise, and their cabin numbers are also different for each. In addition, the cabins and boats vary in their equipment. The budget you should allocate for the blue voyage is directly related to how many people you want to leave the land to the endless blue.

Just tell us your expectations and your budget. Let our experienced team provide you with a wide range of alternatives from an economical and humble blue cruise to a lux or even superlux gulets and yachts for your “Blue Voyage”.

Selection of Boat

After taking your loved ones, choosing your date and creating your route for the “Blue Voyage”, the next thing is to determine the most suitable boat for you and your guests. Of course we will recommend the most suitable “Blue Cruise” boats for your criteria. In addition to that, we will assist you in choosing our team members who will serve you in the best way. Our experiences will be on your side and we wish your trust to accompany us.

Food & Beverage on Gulet/Yacht

We are confident that another question in your mind involves what you eat and drink during the “Blue Cruise”. We provide you with the best food and drinks for all our guests during your blue voyage. These food and beverages are kept in coolers that are suitable for our rental boats and are still available when they are fresh.

For the blue cruise boats, the tour purchases are mostly made from the port on the last day before going on a boat tour. If you just want to focus on your journey and leave the decisions about the food and beverage, you can choose one of our standard, luxury or super deluxe menus elaborately prepared for you. You can pay the cost of the all meals to be consumed during the journey per person to our company so that Ramses Yachting do the shopping for all the needs for you and you can sit back and enjoy the “Blue Cruise”. Don't forget to share your personal preferences with us when creating special meal menus.


We elaborate in planning the easiest routes for transportation. Transportation to the ports where our “Blue Cruise” boats are located is provided by land.  Otherwise, you can go to the closest airport to these ports by airplane and from the airports you can use the shuttle to the ports. If you do not prefer a shuttle to reach the port, we can also transfer you with our luxury vehicles that we organize for you according to your number of guests. The same planning options apply for the returns after the blue cruise. Completing your transformation organizations right after you have decided on your Blue Voyage date is also important, so that all the possible issues can be avoided.

Reservation and Payment

Everything is okay for your dream blue cruise now, all the steps were considered one by one. In order to avoid a misfortune in this phase, you should make a definite reservation which is a guarantee of your blue voyage gulet. The amount of definite reservation must be at least 50% of the tour price. For this, we can provide money transfer through the bank that we will decide together. After this process, we deliver your boat rental contract via fax or email. The remaining amounts must be delivered in accordance with the contract terms before the start of the journey.