Gulet Charter Turkey- Ramses Yachting

Blue Voyage: Life On The Boat

In our company "Blue Voyage" is designed as a vacation for you to feel the most special and the most fun. Everything is considered for you in our private yacht chartering service. Your lifestyle, days and experiences in this interesting and exclusive adventure will become unforgettable for you.

The white sails, which is the first thing comes to your mind when mentioning of the “Blue Voyage”, are opened as long as the weather conditions permit. While you feel the wind on your skin and smell the lovely scent of the sea, you are able to make pleasant journeys accompanied with the view of magnificent coasts. We plan the routes of the cruise, which approximately takes 4 hour cruising, in the best way and offer it to your service. The "Blue Voyage" is designed to be an entirely unique experience, so if you want to feel even more special, we will make the changes you want for you at reasonable prices for the routes we have prepared.

As you wish, in this journey going along with blue and green, you will always find the opportunity to have both excitement and peace. Ramses Yachting has all the necessary equipment for activities and amenities readily available on its boats. All of the yachts have standard fishing tackle, snorkel and service boots. Some private yachts also have windsurf and canoe equipment. While you have these services free of charge, you can join some of the crazy water sports activities at extra costs in some of the bays and colorize your  "Blue Voyage" with some unforgettable moments.

Maybe you will experience the sweet peace of your excitement by breathing in oxygen-rich air of the greens of our bays. Maybe you will fall asleep on the swinging boat while reading a book due to the summer breeze caressing your face. Maybe you will chat with your loved ones and share good memories under the summer sun. We don’t even have to remind you about cooling in the blue emerald green water of the sea…

Sail into Freedom...