Gulet Charter Turkey- Ramses Yachting

Gocek - Fethiye - Gocek

Gocek - Fethiye - Gocek
(Weekly Charter)

Day 1: Gocek

On the first day of your Blue Voyage, we will Greet you with our captain and yacht personnel,  and after ensure that you are quite satisfied about everything in the yacht, we will answer, your questions about the rental. Moreover, the elaborated treats will be waiting for you during our small talks and greetings.

Starting your blue cruise from Gocek taht is the world's and Turkey's most popular harbour, will provide you a comfortable beginning with its transportation facilities while make you feel yourself at home thanks to friendly local people making this experience a first unforgettable step taken in this town. With the pleasant conversation of the local people and the artisans, you will not only enjoy their sincerity but also have he oppurtunity to socialize with other tourists from all around the world. You can spend and unforgettable night, enjoy music and rhythm in the pubs that lise along the coastline while you fill your soul with peace by the magnificent view of the 12 islands and the poetic harmony of green and blue. After the dinner you can make your night rest in the silence of your rented yacht.

Day 2: Kızıl Island, Fethiye

On the 2nd day of your yacht charter you wake up to the endless blue of Gocek and turn the route of your rented gulet or motoryacht into another natural wonder Kızıl Island. In here, you will enjoy the nature entirely, since the marine wealth, and other natural richness such as goats, rabbits and many more will warm you. You will find one of your unforgettable frames your blue cruise in the view of the lighthouse. While you are resting after enjoying the beauty of the deep blue sea, your yacht will move to your new stop, to Fethiye.

The natural harbour city of Fethiye, wich brings green and blue together, played host for many civilizations from teh Lycian civilization in 3000 BC to the Persian Empire 6th century. In addition to this historical texture, the turquoise-blue color of the crystal clear waters of Oludeniz which fascinates those who sees it, hosts unforgettable landscapes and will offer you a visual feast. After enjoying the glazed waters and resting in the warm sand, you can make paragliding from the 1975 meter-long Babadagi, and have the chance of enjoying the sky of this natural wonder harbour.

Day 3: Butterfly Valley, Oludeniz, Gemiler

On the 3rd of the blue cruise, we will turn prow of your rental gulet into the Butterfly Valley, which has thousands of butterflies, one of the most popular places in Fethiye. Imagine the magnificient image of those butterflies, with all those colors and pattern, flying and even covering the sky! The uniquie experience will be one of the unforgettable moments of your blue voyage, where you can enjoy your lunch and stopover.

Oludeniz is the first place that comes to mind when it comes to Fethiye. Riveting Oludeniz will be a visual feast and an incredible host to unforgettable scenes where the turquoise-blue color of the crystal clear water that wows you at a glance. In addition to its splendid beauty, Oludeniz has many restaurants, facilities and shopping centers where you can meet your needs and have a pleasant time at the coast.

Gemiler Island will tell y ou about the Byzantine period with its 40 religious buildings where you can examine the historical texture of Fethiıye and the Christian tombs and the church built in the rocks at the summit of the island. At the same time, with this bay, the island will host you to enjoy the sea and sun.

Day 4: Kocabuk, Gobun Bay

On the 4th day of your blue cruise, you will open your eyes to the warm morning of Fethiye and after having a breakfast privately preparedfor you our captain will direct your rental yacht towards Kocabuk. There will be a time stop for you to enjoy the morning fresher in the blue seas of Kocabuk and then you will head towards Gobun Bay.

When you enter Gobun Bay, adorned with olive and pine trees between the two high hills, you will have the opportunity to experience the historical texture and the rock tombs and historical ruins while admiring the splendid blue-green world of this bay.

We will end this peaceful day in the comforts of your rental gulet or yacht with a nice dinner prepared for you by your cook and your night rest.

Day 5: Hamam Bay, Sarsala Bay

On the 5th day of the blue cruise, after you have a carefully  prepared breakfast in the early hours of the morning, we will turn prow of your rental gulet into Cleopatra Bath, famous for its history. The Egyptian queen, who noticed the hot water source in this bay, built a bath here and became the legend of this land that has today's eye-catching ruins.

Hamam Bay will fascinate you not only with its historical beauty but also its lush green, nature and blue sea. After this bay, the yacht goes to Sarsala for night rest and accommodation. Sarsala Bay, famous for its untouched nature and magnificent deep blue sea, will be a home where you will forget yourself for a moment and revel yourself in the visual of magnificent nature. This bay, which will be a shelter for your rental gulet with its calm waters and safeguarded structure, will embrace you for a peaceful overnight stay.

Day 6: Domuz Island, Tersane Island

Approaching the end of your blue voyage on this day, after a nice breakfast your rental gulet sails to the Domuz ISland, which is named after the wild boars. On this island, you can enjoy the ruins hidden under the turquoise waters, splendid views touched by the colours and varieties of the vegetation of this land and unwind yourself in a sunbath inside the blue waters.

After enjoying this wonderful bay, we eill turn your rental yacht into Tersane Island, which is known as Talendria in ancient times. In fact, this magnificent fishing village will be a home for you and your gulet with its sheltered bays,. With the ancient greek houses and green-blue nature, these bays will become wonderful moments to remember.

Day 7: Bedri Rahmi, Yassıca Island, Gocek Island

Early in the 7th Day of your yacht charter, Bedri Rahmi Bay, also known as Taskaya waterside thicket, which was visited by an intellectual artists during republic period, Bedri Rahmi, who also accompanied "Halicarnassus Fisher" and left a "fish drawing" in a rock in this bay, will be another unforgettable memory for you. Not only the history, the streets adorned with oleander trees and turquoise waters will make you feel safe, while relaxing in the clear blue waters, you can unwind yourself on the hot sands of this land.

After the intellectual experience of Bedri Rahmi Island, we will turn our route to Yassıca Island. This island, which is frequented by the inhabitants of Izmir, has a variety of scenic views to host one of the most romantic evenings of your blue cruise. With the colors of the sun disappear behind the olive trees, this picture will imitate your yourney engraving in your minds.

While Gocek will be a nice harbour with enough security for your rental gulet, you will feel yourself at home thanks to local sight of this land. You will spend a pleasant and warm afternoon with friendly local people and artisan, small local shops and restaurants. You will not only see the sweet memories of this land's locality, but you will also enjoy the magnificant view touched by blue green environment and 12 Islands. Moreover, this city, which has the harbour of many yacht and conquered Mediterranean and Aegean waters, offers a feast for those interested in this sense. You will also have the oppurtunity to socialize with many tourists from the Aegean and the Mediterranean regions in local bars lise along the coast as well as you enjoy the local tastes and touches of the town.

Day 8: Gocek

You opened your eyes to the glow of the city. We are on the 8th and last day of your journey. You have completed your blue voyage with wonderful memories, opportunities and comfort presented by Ramses Yachting having a last breakfast that is prepared with care for you in your private rental gulet. Now you're ready to chaos, get tired again...