Gulet Charter Turkey- Ramses Yachting

Bodrum-Southern Greek Islands

Day 1: Bodrum

We will start by welcoming you on the first day of the "Blue Cruise" at 15:30 on your boat at Bodrum port. On this day, you will be able to get to know our first stop Bodrum, the love of Cevat Şakir. Thus, you can explore the blue-white streets of Bodrum smelling bougainville and go for a walk in the beach that reflects a great harmony of the city’s spirit with the blue of the sea. You can finish your small Bodrum visit with a nice dinner in your fully equipped cabin while having rest.
Bodrum is considered as one of the best “Blue Voyage” stops. It is the paradise of western Turkey, famous for its old mythological figures and stories, ancient cities and Mausoleum of Halicarnassus which is one of the seven wonders of the world. Not only with his history but also with the love of the famous writer Cevat Şakir, Bodrum became a frequent subject in literature and embraced the novelties for love and discovery. In addition to this aspect, Bodrum will be one of the best beginnings for you with its nightlife, different tastes and fun world.
On the first day of your “Blue Voyage” we will make you have a great night beginning with a  delicious dinner in Orak Island, the most favourite cove of Bodrum. The rest of your night will be accompanied by the smell of your wooden boat and lullaby of the sea with its therapeutic effect.  

Day 2: Kos Island
You wake up from the magical nights of Bodrum to a heartwarming morning lights. On the second day of your “Blue Cruise” we sail towards the Kos Island after giving you information about your trip.
            This incredibly beautiful island, which is a part of the Twelve Island chains, is perhaps a mirror of Bodrum coasts and it will make you feel home.  Here the first thing you will notice might be the Turkish restaurants. These small warm entities and townspeople will bring you joy and good vibes. During the night you will see the crowd on the street having fun allowing new opportunities to meet with other people. 
            Kos will let you experience unforgettable moments with its small town life while it will charm you with its amazing nature and rich historical texture. This island is also very important because it was the hometown of Hippocrates, the father of medicine. Kos Island will attract you with its beautiful sides such as magnificent beaches, the harmony of white houses and green trees, and more. The historical artifacts here witnessed various era such as Persian Empire, Byzantine, St. John Knights and Ottoman Empire. You can be a part of this rich history by visiting spots like “Asklipios”, “The Castle of the Knights”, “Tree of Hippocrates”.

Day 3: Gyali Island, Nisiros Island
            Now it has been three days since you started your “Blue Voyage” and it already feels like home to travel on your rental boat. After having a nice breakfast with the comfort of your boat we will sail to Gyali Island. It is an island without inhabitants and it is a very calm and pretty place with the combination of green and parliament blue. Gyali is also a volcanic island where the sponge stone is collected. This island is the definition of peace and joy. You will feel the satisfaction and relaxation on this island and get rid of the stress of your daily life.
            Nisiros Island is the neighbor and a previous host of  the active volcano of Gyali. On that sense  Nisiros has been in the focus of the visitors. The volcano of Nisiros is a true beauty which is worth to see. Unlike Gyali, this island has a small village with full of life energy: Nikea. This village will charm you with its white houses and green nature. Your night rest will be done in among these natural beauties on Nisiros Island. 

Day 4: Simi Island
            On the 4th day of your “Blue Cruise” we will turn our bow to Simi Island, a part of Twelve Islands chain. This is a place which was under the regime of Roman and Byzantine Empires before taken over by  Ottoman Empire by the conquest of Rhodes. You can see many corners you can explore to see this rich history. 
            This island is also a beautiful painting that will warm your heart with its tiny greek hoses, hillsides combining white and green and its crystal blue water. 
            After having your dinner while looking at the amazing view of this island you can explore its culture and nights in more depth.

Day 5: Island of Rhodes
            On the 5th day of your “Blue Voyage” your captain sails your rental boat to the island of Rhodes after you wake up to warm weather of Simi with the first lights of the day. Rhodes, also known as “Island of Light”, consists of authenticity and natural wonders that will capture you. Ancient city in Rhodes was started to built around 400 B.C. and since then has been a host for various civilizations. Churches that witnessed the Middle Age, graves of the kings and all other remains will make your “Blue Voyage” wort to remember. 
            Rhodes continues to fascinate you with its beaches allowing you to relax and enjoy as much as its historical texture. Beyond their turquoise water and green nature Kremasti, Lardos and Faliraki beaches will make your vacation more magical with its colorful bazaars, cafes and restaurants and friendly people. During your visit of the old town surrounded by The Castle of Rhodes you will fall in love with every corner of it and you will feel the history with your soul. 
            Rhodes is also known for its lively nightlife and it has many different possibilities of places for various types of music. You can have a lot of fun until morning either in the old town between the castle walls or in the new town designed as a modern site. There is also a small casino in the city. 
            After enjoying the beauties here you can have your dinner in a great comfort of your rental boat at this peaceful night of Rhodes. 

Day 6: Datça, Palamutbükü, Knidos
Datça is a relatively less known and calmer town compared to the other Aegean Sea paradise spots. This peninsula has been a hidden place with its 250 km long coastline and more than 50 coves  for the vacationers who wants to catch both calmness, peace and nature at the same time. This town which is located between Aegean and Mediterranean sea was anciently known as “Knidos”. Here has been protected as an archaeological site and caught the attention of the researchers since 1960s. The fact that the British archeologist Charles Newton moved a historical artifact to British Museum shows the importance of this ancient harbor. This ancient city is waiting for you to become one of the most important historical trips of your “Blue Cruise”. Here you can explore these historical remains and bring another aspect to you vacation. 
Palamutbükü will embellish your day with its historical beauties, nature and sweet restaurants on the beach and their warm owners. This destination will fascinate you with its parliament blue water turning to baby blue and its beach covered by the pebblestones. Here you will feel your heart melting and all your burden going away.

Day 7: Poyraz Harbor
After here your rental gulet sails towards Poyraz Cove. This place is also mentioned as a paradise where you can find natural beauties, blue water, cool wind and it is a perfect spot to relax. It will be possible to enjoy the sea as much as you wish and you can have a closer look at its colorful underwater world to meet with various sea creatures. Your last day of the tour will be very delightful in that place with the equipments provided by Ramses Yachting. 
From Poyraz Cove your rental charter will move towards Bodrum Harbor in order you to get a night rest. Here you can spend your last night by having an amazing dinner prepared for you. Also after dinner you can go and experience its dynamic nightlife and have a very peaceful night sleep and get rest on your comfortable rental boat. 
Day 8: Bodrum
            It is the last morning of your “Blue Voyage”. Perhaps you were at the nightlife of Bodrum and came back to your cabin in which you can hear the soft whisper of the sea and smell wood of your rental boat. You woke up to another Bodrum morning after a delightful sleep. We are heading to Bodrum Port after a delicious breakfast at 10 am. Now you understand Cevat Şakir better and why he was in love with here. You conquered the coasts just like he did and ended your “Blue Cruise” with many spectacular memories...