Gulet Charter Turkey- Ramses Yachting

Bodrum-Northern Greek Islands

Day 1: Bodrum 
On the first day of your “Blue Voyage” we will be welcoming you to introduce you with our captain and yacht personnel. After making sure that you are comfortable with everything about your yacht we will inform you about your “Blue Voyage” by answering your questions regarding the tour. During this small introduction and meeting we will be serving small treats that are prepared for you with a great care.  
Bodrum is considered as one of the best “Blue Voyage” stops. It is the paradise of western Turkey, famous for its old mythological figures and stories, ancient cities and Mausoleum of Halicarnassus which is one of the seven wonders of the world. Not only with his history but also with the love of the famous writer Cevat Şakir, Bodrum became a frequent subject in literature and embraced the novelties for love and discovery. In addition to this aspect, Bodrum will be one of the best beginnings for you with its nightlife, different tastes and fun world.
On the first day of your “Blue Voyage” we will make you have a great night beginning with a  delicious dinner in Orak Island, the most favourite cove of Bodrum. The rest of your night will be accompanied by the smell of your wooden boat and lullaby of the sea with its therapeutic effect.  

Day 2: Kos Island
You wake up from the magical nights of Bodrum to a heartwarming morning lights. On the second day of your “Blue Cruise” we sail towards the Kos Island after giving you information about your trip.
            This incredibly beautiful island, which is a part of the Twelve Island chains, is perhaps a mirror of Bodrum coasts and it will make you feel home.  Here the first thing you will notice might be the Turkish restaurants. These small warm entities and townspeople will bring you joy and good vibes. During the night you will see the crowd on the street having fun allowing new opportunities to meet with other people. 
            Kos will let you experience unforgettable moments with its small town life while it will charm you with its amazing nature and rich historical texture. This island is also very important because it was the hometown of Hippocrates, the father of medicine. Kos Island will attract you with its beautiful sides such as magnificent beaches, the harmony of white houses and green trees, and more. The historical artifacts here witnessed various era such as Persian Empire, Byzantine, St. John Knights and Ottoman Empire. You can be a part of this rich history by visiting spots like “Asklipios”, “The Castle of the Knights”, “Tree of Hippocrates”.

Day 3: Pserimos Island, Leros Island
On the third day of your “Blue Voyage” your captain sails your rental boat to Pserimos Island after you wake up to warm lights of the day. It is a gorgeous island which will make you feel very relaxed after all year long chaos of your city life. Alongside with the natural beauties of this place you can find Greek taverns, sweet cafes and friendly people accompanied with a breathtaking view of the beach. You can sunbathe on this lovely beach and enjoy the cool blue sea.
 Our next stop will be Leros Island. It is a typical beautiful Greek Island with its traditional architecture, lovely people and colorful peaceful streets. Here you can meet with new people, enjoy the small town and bring more joy to your “Blue Voyage”. For this, small taverns will be waiting for you. Lakki Harbor here will be a visual feast for your eyes with its Art Deco style architecture. You can also visit the Castle of Leros that has an incredible historical texture. In Panteli cove, delicious fish will be worth to taste and for low prices.  We strongly recommend you to see the Church of Agios Isidoros which is located on the west side of the island . In the past few years a dream wedding ceremony was organized by us for our guests and you can find the video of the wedding on our website. 
After enjoying the beauties here you can have your dinner in a great comfort of your rental boat at this peaceful night of Leros. 

Day 4: Patmos Island
On the 4th day of your “Blue Voyage” our captain sails your rental boat to Patmos which is a small but rich island. It is a tiny and charming Greek Island. You will find sweet white houses combined with the blue of the sea. The smell of eucalyptus, thyme and pine trees will mesmerise you while the lovely neighborhoods will make you feel like home. This island has also become a tourist attraction because it was subjected to the bible of St. John and has been considered as Aegean Jerusalem. Here you can visit St. John’s Cave and witness the Easter activities symbolising the Last Supper of Jesus Christ to make your “Blue Voyage” more interesting. Moreover, you can relax on the beaches of  Agriolivado, Kambos and Grikos and enjoy the sea and sand over there. 
            After having your dinner while looking at the amazing view of this island you can have the best night sleep on your comfortable rental boat. 

Day 5: Lipsi Island
            On this day of your “Blue Voyage” we will move the bow of our rental boat towards Lipsi Island. It is a true beauty and a visual feast with its amazing architecture, crystal clear water and local people. There you can go to taverns and cafes during the day to experience the city and make your day more joyful. After enjoying it here you will be served you delicious dinner prepared by our chef and you will have the whole night for yourself to get some rest on your rental boat. 

Day 6: Kalimnos Island
            On the 6th day of your “Blue Cruise” you wake up to a wonderful morning of small sweet Lipsi Island after an incredible sleep on your rental gulet. You are all relaxed and carefree. Now you will be taken to Kalimnos Island to add one more amazing day to your tour. It is a home to goats walking on the streets, calm and nice townspeople and white colored neighborhoods. There you can also find climbing activities, water sports on its beaches and local tastes to make your tour even more memorable. You will fall in love with this small, traditional and peaceful town. 

Day 7: Turgutreis, Karaincir
            On the last day of your “Blue Cruise” we move towards Turkish Aegean coasts from the Greek side. On that day you will have the opportunity to see Turgutreis and Karaincir coasts. Karaincir is one of the most significant places of our Aegean shores with its magnificent blue water and golden beach. Here you can enjoy your last day on this lovely beach and swim to cool off yourself. 
            Your gulet will anchor at Bodrum Port for the dinner and night rest. 

Day 8: Bodrum
            It is the last morning of your “Blue Voyage”. Perhaps you were at the nightlife of Bodrum and came back to your cabin in which you can hear the soft whisper of the sea and smell wood of your rental boat. You woke up to another Bodrum morning after a delightful sleep. We are heading to Bodrum Port after a delicious breakfast at 10 am. Now you understand Cevat Şakir better and why he was in love with here. You conquered the coasts just like he did and ended your “Blue Cruise” with many spectacular memories...