Gulet Charter Turkey- Ramses Yachting

Bodrum - Hisaronu - Bodrum

Bodrum - Gulf of Hisaronu - Bodrum
(Weekly Charter)

Day 1: Bodrum 

On the first day of your “Blue Voyage” we will be welcoming you to introduce you with our captain and yacht personnel. After making sure that you are comfortable with everything about your yacht we will inform you about your “Blue Voyage” by answering your questions regarding the tour. During this small introduction and meeting we will be serving small treats that are prepared for you with a great care.  

Bodrum is considered as one of the best “Blue Voyage” stops. It is the paradise of western Turkey, famous for its old mythological figures and stories, ancient cities and Mausoleum of Halicarnassus which is one of the seven wonders of the world. Not only with his history but also with the love of the famous writer Cevat Şakir, Bodrum became a frequent subject in literature and embraced the novelties for love and discovery. In addition to this aspect, Bodrum will be one of the best beginnings for you with its nightlife, different tastes and fun world.

On the first day of your “Blue Voyage” we will make you have a great night beginning with a  delicious dinner in Orak Island, the most favourite cove of Bodrum. The rest of your night will be accompanied by the smell of your wooden boat and lullaby of the sea with its therapeutic effect.  


Day 2: Palamutbükü, İnceburun

You wake up to a lovely Bodrum morning after its magical night and feel the warmth of the shiny sun. It is now the second day of your “Blue Cruise” and after informing you about the tour your rental boat sails towards Palamutbükü.

It will be a very exciting first destination for you with its parliament blue water turning to baby blue and its beach covered by the pebblestones. This recreation moment will serve as a good trailer and say a lot about the rest of your tour allowing you to cool off by its water and sunbath.

After visiting here your chef will serve your lunch accompanied with a breathtaking view and our captain will take you to İnceburun for safe and peaceful accommodation.


Day 3: Aktur Cove, Bencik Cove

On the third day of your “Blue Cruise” you already feel like home and the time to go to Aktur Cove comes after you have your breakfast on your rental boat with a great comfort.

Aktur Cove is the home for coolest blue water and warmest sandy beach which are located by the skirts of the high hills covered by great pine trees. Here you feel multiple colors. Blue sea of the fishermen and waterfalls flowing through pine trees will fascinate you while the opportunity to meet the locals will make your “Blue Voyage” even harder to forget starting from this third day of your tour.

Here you can enjoy blue and green colors and flavour your vacation with the help of activity equipments such as snorkel provided by Ramses Yachting. You will be able to be amazed by the underwater world of this charming place in addition to its above-ground beauties.

Later on, our captain sails your rental boat to Bencik Cove for the feast prepared by our chef. Here you can relax by the cool water, have fun with small water activities and have the best night sleep after the sweet tiredness of the day.


Day 4: Emel Sayın Cove, Orhaniye Cove, Selimiye Cove

On the 4th day of your “Blue Voyage” we will be sailing towards Emel Sayın Cove. This cove is also known as İnükü Natural Park and it is considered as a paradise. It was named after famous Turkish singer Emel Sayın due to her frequent visits to the park. This cove will give you a great pleasure with its refreshing crystal water, rocks and maquis.

After enjoying this cove we will head to Orhaniye Cove to have lunch. You might come across the local bazaar and taste the authentic food. This place will be a home for you with its delicious food, beautiful view and blue-green beach so you will always remember it.

Especially the famous Kızkumu Beach will be a very different experience for you. This beautiful beach with shallow water will make you feel like you are walking on the sea and allow you to witness the blue-green color blend closely.

After here we will sail to Selimiye Cove which is a safe place for your rental boat. Here the sea might let you see the views that you have never seen before. Don’t hold yourself back from the great opportunity provided by Ramses Yachting and make some unforgettable interesting memories exploring the underwater life here. This cove will not only amaze you with its underwater but also allow you to learn more about the history by the ancient ruins on its hills. Selimive Cove which was called “Hydas” and “Losta” in the ancient time, presents you its ruins under the bright sunlight coming between the great mountains. In addition to this, the watchtower, lighthouse, monastery and theatre are the other magnificent pieces which were studied by the archaeologists.  After enjoying the natural and historical beauties of this place its local people will be there waiting for you to make your day even more cheerful.


Day 5: Dirsekbükü, Bozburun

Again you will wake up to another beautiful day and will be served your delicious breakfast. Our captain will now sail your rental boat to Dirsekbükü. Here is a popular destination for the other “Blue Voyage” guests who are travelling to conquest Aegean coasts just like you. While your rental gulet will be resting in this cove between the gulf and Hisarönü you can taste the food of this small town and have a nice day in the restaurants and cafes. Later on we will move to Bozburun.

Bozburun is a warm cove that has been a home to the shipyards and the lumbermen who builds gulet yachts. In this place, famous with this craft both in Turkey and the world, you can also see the marks of sponge fishing.


Day 6: Datça, Knidos

The end of your “Blue Cruise” is getting closer. Even if you are not completely get rid of your burden on your shoulders yet you are now more relaxed and peaceful with the charming beauty of the Aegean coasts. On this day we take you to Datça by the early lights of the day.

Datça is a relatively less known and calmer town compared to the other Aegean Sea paradise spots. This peninsula has been a hidden place with its 250 km long coastline and more than 50 coves  for the vacationers who wants to catch both calmness, peace and nature at the same time. This town which is located between Aegean and Mediterranean sea was anciently known as “Knidos”. This ancient city is waiting for you to become one of the most important historical trips of your “Blue Cruise”. Here you can explore these historical remains and bring another aspect to you vacation.

This peninsula is also worth to visit due to some urban legends it has been a subject to. According to those legends in the ancient time the people who suffered from hansen disease were brought and left in Datça. When it was looked years later those people survived thanks to the beauty and fruitfulness. In this legendary place you can see many pieces including the Temple of Aphrodite and you can enjoy its sea, sand and nature.  


Day 7: Karaada, Meteor Cove, Poyraz Harbor

On the last day of your “Blue Voyage” we will direct the bow of your rental boat to Karaada which is near Bodrum. This island is known for its so-called healing hot sulphur water and mud bath coming from a cave. It is a magical spot that will take your attention with its natural beauties, miracles, blue water and rich territory.

Meteor Cove, which is pretty close to Karaada offers you a wide area full of olive trees, a sea flat a bedsheet and interesting activities such as meteor jumping. All these aspects about the cove will remain in your memory for a very long time. According to the belief here you can see a pit made by a meteor shower. Jumping into this pit over a platform will probably be one of the most craziest experiences you will ever have. You can also dive into this meteor pit and explore it by using the snorkel equipments provided you by Ramses Yachting on your rental boat.

After here your rental gulet sails towards Poyraz Cove. This place is also mentioned as a paradise where you can find natural beauties, blue water, cool wind and it is a perfect spot to relax. It will be possible to enjoy the sea as much as you wish and you can have a closer look at its colorful underwater world to meet with various sea creatures. Your last day of the tour will be very delightful in that place.

From Poyraz Cove your rental charter will move towards Bodrum Harbor in order you to get a night rest. Here you can spend your last night by having an amazing dinner prepared for you. Also after dinner you can go and experience its dynamic nightlife and have a very peaceful night sleep and get rest on your comfortable rental boat.


Day 8: Bodrum

It is the last morning of your “Blue Voyage”. Perhaps you were at the nightlife of Bodrum and came back to your cabin in which you can hear the soft whisper of the sea and smell wood of your rental boat. You woke up to another Bodrum morning after a delightful sleep. We are heading to Bodrum Port after a delicious breakfast. Now you understand Cevat Şakir better and why he was in love with here. You conquered the coasts just like he did and ended your “Blue Cruise” with many spectacular memories...