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Blue Cruise Boat Types

Standart Class Gulet:

Standart Class Boats, have been used since the beginning for the blue voyage. Usually the lengths of those gulets are changing from 15 to 21 meters and they contains between 2 to 6 cabins and gives service up to 12 persons. Standart class boats has no A/C but totally economical choices for blue cruising.

Nowadays, boats are more modern and luxury-equipped. But you can choose a standart class Economical boat to enjoy blue voyages either with a low budget.

You can enjoy your holiday in the most beautiful bays of the Aegean and Mediterranean.


High Class Gulet:

They are more luxury-equipped than standart boats and they got air conditioning between 4-6 hours.  The lengths changing between 16-24 meters and number of the cabins between 2-8 to accomodate  up to 16 people during marvelous blue cruises .

They are ideal to enjoy the blue voyage by renting an economical boat.

Each cabin of standart and high-class boats have a private shower with 24 hours hot water, WC, double beds and lockers.


Luxury Gulet:

In our century, hand made gulets are giving luxury service to their clients to have more comfortable blue cruises due to new Technologies while they are building.


Mostly they have been designed between 18 to 30 meters and have 2 to 12 cabins to host 24 people at the same time. They have A/C in each cabin and all indoor areas, wifi, satalite tv, en suite bathrooms with private shower and different motorised water sports to add color to vacations. According to their sizes , they have around 3 to 6  profesional crew to help you during your blue voyages.


Deluxe Gulet:

Like all the other sectores, Boat and yacht Technologies are improving day by day to give most comfortable services to the clients during their vacations. Deluxe class boats are start to built last ten years with high quality equipments to make your blue voyages as a dream. They are usually between 20 to 40 meters and they have cabins between 2 to 12 for different groups. Their A/C systems are able to work non-stop (24 hours), satalite tv, motorised water sports, WiFi and other details will make your blue cruise more comfortable. They have minimum 3 crew on board (According to size of the boat crew number can be up to 7-8 pax) If you are looking for comfort and discover the amazing natural bays, deluxe boats are the correct choices for this.


Ultraluxury Gulet:

As you understand from the name, they are ready to give VIP service to their clients. All details are chosen by experts while they design to give the most comfort and luxury to their clients. They are mostly designed between 24 to 60 meters, has 3 to 8 cabins and they got all water toys and extras to have marvelous blue cruises with unforgetable memories. They are more comfortable then 5 star hotels and best choices to have unusal holiday destinations. They are giving service with minimum 4 to 12 crew on board according to mesures. After once you been on those Ultra Luxury boats , your vacation ideas will change till forever.