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Blue Voyage Regions


Bodrum is the garden of eden who is hosting one of the ancient seven wonders named Mauselum of Halicarnassus , mythologic stories and  old ancient cities. Its one of the best sailing region and starting point of  blue cruises.Its become famous all round the World  by writer Mr Cevat Şakir. At the begining it was a small fishing village .In last 60- 70 years Bodrum become popular  all round the World for tourism   because of its clean crystal blue water , beautiful bays , clean wheather and delisious food. Bodrum Castle is also very famous all round the World and its  built by St.Jean Knights in 15th century . Its the biggest and most beautiful museum of tools which are found under water from ancient times. Bodrum is also famous with night life and fish restaurants who are adding different colors to every second of your holiday.



Marmaris is homeland of different cultures during the history and it was homeland of Ions , Dors, Karians,Persians ,Macedonians,Roman Empire And Turks during the time. There fort here are many ancient ruins around this region . Marmaris is a place, which is like a secret garden and full of nature. One of its Ancient name was Physkos which is meaning as ‘Nature Land’ in Karia language. Still its glamourising people with its nature, night life and beautiful beaches. The only way of discovering the most beautiful bays of Marmaris is renting a gulet and chill out in heavens garden after winter times.



The history of Fethiye dates back to 3.000 BC . Its old name was Telmessos in Lycian language as a meaning of Land of the lights. And after centuries The name of the city changed as Magri which has a meaning of ‘remote city’ Fethiye is ruled by many different cultures by time and it was a very important ancient city of past times.


Its a region to make a dream vacation in natüre and clear crystal water covered by White sandy beaches. Speacially ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon ) is famous all round the World. Most popular activty of Fethiye is paraglading from Babadağ which is located over Blue Lagoon and has a height of 1975 meters . Gemiler island is intresting for everyone who loves to swim over Byzantium ruins .Rock Tombs , Ancient cities, Nightlife and quality local restaurants are located in the same region for the people who loves to live all  those together. Fethiye Gulf is full of with charming bays and islands that you want tol ive till forever.



Antalya is Turkish riviera of Mediteranian . During the time its ruled by different culters and as a result of it there are many ancient cities of ancient World . Olympos, Phasalis, Demre are only few of those to see . Thats such a place that you can see the snow on top of the mountains even in high season while you are having sunbath on warm sandy beaches. Antalya has a long sea coast full of with natural long beaches covered by palm and pine trees. Its also  6th big city of Turkey that you can find many different choices at the same time . When you start sailing from Antalya , you will find the peace in heaven.



If you choose to start your blue voyage  from Gocek , you must be ready to glamourise by beauty of nature and blue. The location of the region is creating an advantage to arrive easly from 3 different airports. You  always feel your self at home with local people friendly and hospital altitude.


You can see the people from all round the World comes to see this small beautiful city. You can enjoy the nights in many bars located by the shore meanwhile you discover the amazing bays during the day. Gocek is famous with 12 islands located in the Gulf of Fethiye and each one is more beautiful then the one before you visited. Speacially in high season hundreds of yachts are arriving to this area to feel this charming beauty .