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About Blue Voyage

The "Blue Voyage" is a unique type of holiday with gulet yachts on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. The journey, through which the wonderful nature of the Turkish Riviera and its history are discovered, has been one of the greatest preferences for those seeking different experiences.

In fact, the "Blue Voyage" comes to life when the precious Cretan writer of Turkish literature Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli, known as the "Fisherman of Halicarnassus", was exiled to this little town in 1962. In time, the admiration for this beautiful little town called Bodrum, of which  name is now identified with him, leads Cevat Şakir to examine the history of Bodrum more deeply. With the "Yatağan" charter that he rents from a sponge hunter, he begins sailing to discover the Aegean coasts and this tour of "Halikarnas Fisherman" has been the birth of the concept of "Blue Voyage".

The "Blue Voyage", which attracts more and more people to explore these beautiful coasts every year, has been performed with gulet yachts since birth. These yachts, which can accommodate 2 to 32 people, are also known as the traditional constructions of Bodrum and Marmaris coasts, even though they are also built on the eastern Mediterranean coast. The yachts were originally designed for fishermen and sponge hunters just like the one "Halicarnassus Fisherman" made his “Blue Voyage” with. However, after a long period of time, these yachts became a modern and comfortable mansions serving the "Blue Cruises" of our day.It is possible to find the comfort you need in the warmth of the wood of a traditional gulet with its cabin, kitchen, sunbathing and recreation areas constructed suitable for the modern times.

"Blue Cruises" is programmed to explore both the blue world and history of the Aegean coast as well as to enjoy the activities and services you expect from a comfortable holiday. The “good morning” with a glimpse of the first rays of sunshine is accompanied by a swim in the clear waters and a nice breakfast, and it is followed by day coastal walks, archaeological walks and nature walks. In addition to having the opportunity to enjoy your quiet day while reading your book and sunbathing, it is also possible to make your day interesting with activities such as snorkel diving, fishing, jet-skiing and waterskiing and other water sports.

Ramses Yachting offers the best to make this journey even more special. You can rent a cabin for your "Blue Cruise" organized by our company, or you can have a gulet or motor yacht with your group of friends during your vacation. Our company, that provides you with the comfort of traveling on your desired route, will be at your disposal for a memorable "Blue Cruise" with a safe and highly enjoyable experience with its proficient captain and crew.

Our job is Blue Voyage, your pleasure is our honor...