Gulet Charter Turkey- Ramses Yachting

Antalya - Kekova - Antalya


Day 1: Antalya

On the first day of your “Blue Voyage”, we will greet you with our captain and yacht personnel, and after ensure that you are quite satisfied about everything in the yacht, we will answer your questions about the rental. Moreover, the elaborated treats will be waiting for you during our small talks and greetings.  


You will start by greeting Antalya on your rental yacht privately prepared for you. Antalya is a very good starting point to conquest the Mediterranean Coast for” Blue Voyage” passengers. This magnificent city, also known as the Turkish Riviera, has a magnificent view that gathers scents of orange and sea on the streets and decorates them with palm trees. This city has a deep blue sea and warm, long shores, and has been the focal point because of its magical history. Even if this city, which also means “the land of Attalos”, remained its occurrence as an independent city for some time after the kingdom of Pergamon, it was later captured by pirates and left behind the ruins it has today. The most famous of these remains is Kaleiçi.


After enjoying this magnificent city, we will present you a delicious dinner, the comfort of your rental yacht, a smell of wood fragrance and the lullaby sound of the sea that will make you will leave all your troubles behind.


Day 2: Olimpos, Adrasan Bay


You will open your eyes to the warm morning of Antalya, and after you have your breakfast prepared with care, you will be on your way to Olympos after getting informed about your Rental Gulet and your Blue Voyage to be started...


Olympos is the common name of the mountain peaks in Anatolia and the Aegean. This land, one of the most important cities of the Lycian region that had been captured by the pirates in the previous periods and rescued from the hands of the pirates in the Roman times, was invaded by Venetian pirates in M.S. In this city, where the archaeologists find something to be amazed in its history, the biologists wows with its endemic vegetation and drivers are fascinated by the splendid submarines, you can also find something that will be an unforgettable for you and your loved ones. On the long coast you will warm your feet, do tracking in the  small hills and lose yourself to the magnificent blue-green seas getting rid of all the burdens on your shoulders.


After Olympos, our stop passes to Adrasan which is one of the most peaceful beaches of the Mediterranean coast, which is famous for its magnificent beaches, pine trees and refreshing winds. This place will bring a different dimension to your journey with its natural beauties, the Adrasan Lighthouse and the wreck of Gelidonya Cape. Moreover, thanks to the opportunities provided by Ramses Yachting, you can enjoy these bays with marine activity equipment and explore the underwater world on the shores of the Üçadalar.


We will end this peaceful day in the comfort of your rental yacht with a nice dinner and night rest.


Day 3:   Demre, Çayağazı ve Gökkaya Bay


On the 3rd day of your “Blue Voyage”, our captain will turn the prow of your rental yacht into Gökkaya Bay to find yourself in a more peaceful way.


Located in the south of Kekova, this bay has a convenient harbor for your rent. Moreover, this land will be a good resting point for you with its natural beauties and history. You will add another dimension to your Blue Voyage by a small historical walk that after leaving your troubles in the beautiful pearly sea that carries all shades of blue around the islands. You can see the water cisterns and ancient tombs in this small tracking towards the Lycian city. These paths, which include more than one tree species, will make you feel breathing and will be scrapped into your memory as bittersweet struggles.


After this bay, the rental gulet passes to  Demre, Çayağzı Beach. This beach again gives you a nuance of the antique ages of the Mediterranean coasts with its historical ruins. Here you will have the opportunity to go to the ancient city of Myra and you will be fascinated by the grave, the inscription and the splendor of the ancient churches. For those whose souls are filled with history, the beach is waiting for you with its clear blue water and white sand will be ready to unwind your body and soul.


Day 4: Tersane, Üçağız Bay


On the 4th day of your “Blue Tour”, you will open your eyes in Gökkaya Bay which has been nestled to you and your rented yacht. After having your breakfast here, our captain turns your yacht's prow into Ucagiz Bay.


Located on the west of Demre and a stony island, this bay is a nice stop which is surrounded by many ancient cities such as the famous Aperlai, Simena, Theimmusa and Istlada and destroyed by the earthquakes making this city a “submerged”. The local people of the bay are very warm, and this place will allow you to taste many different things and meet new people making your journey warmer.


After enjoying this splendid lands, we will turn the prow of your rental yacht into Tersane Island, which is known as Talendria in ancient times. This island will be a home for you with its sheltered bays. With the ancient rum houses, green and blue views, these bays will be wonderful moments to remember.


Later in the evening, you will enjoy safe and a peaceful night provided by the coves of this land, with a feast prepared by your special cook in your safe cabins swinging like a mother's lap.


Day 5: Simena, Kekova


On the 5th day of your “Blue Cruise” and you already feel that you are the conqueror of the Mediterranean coast. You have witnessed all these beauties, have set foot in the lands that have witnessed history and you have forgotten all your troubles. On this day you will go to Kekova, where you will once again experience these beauties.


Kekova will give you an unforgettable "Blue Tour" in every aspect. During your journey, your rental yacht will reach Kekova, watching the Sıcak Peninsula which host Aperlai ancient city, Karaada and Toprakada from the point where the famous Uluburun Shipwreck is located. Your captain will anchor in the bays of the city which will be your nest. Here you will find the ruins of the ancient city, Apollinia, freshen in the cool waters of the bays, and be be able to witness the beauty of the town.


Here, you will be waiting for a magnificent ancient city Simena, also named as Kalekoy, which is located on a small island just opposite Kekova. This land has been a strategic point that has been inhabited from the B.C. 4th century until today. The castle of Simena, the royal tombs and many other ancient artifacts that this strategic point has left to our day will lead you to ancient times and take your mind away. You will also have the option to cool off in the magnificent sea which is under the feet of this history and to relax in the middle of these peaceful islands and enjoy the sun in the comfort of your rental yacht.


Day 6: Ceneviz Port, Phaselis


On this day of your “Blue Cruise”, the captain will sail your rental yacht in the early hours of the trip to the Genoese Harbor, then to Phaselis for lunch and for your rest. This city has become a very important port in history, colonized by the Rhodians, and now hosts a large green land and magnificent historical ruins.


The advanced structures of this ancient city architecture such as cisterns, water canals, ancient theater will greet you. Here you will have the opportunity to visit a long historical monument, perhaps you will imagine yourself in the past for a moment in this ancient city, where the green of the nature is surrounded by the faded stones of history. Then you will get down to the beach and take a short walk in this place which is cooler than the other bays of the Mediterranean, surrendering yourself into the peace.


In the later hours, you can still find peace in a corner of the sea with every shade of blue. After the dinner prepared for you, you can make your night rest in the peaceful cabins of your rental yacht.


Day 7:  Kemer and Antalya


On the morning of the 7th day, we will sail your rental gulet into a different dimension, Kemer which brings both the vitality of the city and the beauties of nature. After the tastes  prepared by your special cook, we will anchor here, and we will let you enjoy the city.


This paradise corner at the foot of the Taurus Mountains collates the streets with the scent of orange and sea. Since it is a vivid city apart from being just like the other Mediterranean cities that have blue waters, it will be a good touch to add a little movement to the calmness of your journey.


Day 8: Kemer or Antalya


We're on the last morning of your “Blue Cruise”. We will anchor the “Turkish Riviera”, Antalya which is the crown of the Mediterranean Sea. We will return to the Mediterranean city where you started your Blue Voyage and opened its lap firstly on your journey. Here you will once again have the opportunity to taste everything that interests you, and you will be ged rid of all the burdens on your shoulder in this place where the splendor and the joy get together.


This holiday, which you live with the opportunities provided by Ramses Yachting, will be sealed in your minds thanks to the beauty of this city.