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Are you also one of those who choose a boat for himself while walking through the marinesfull of beautiful boats in touristic towns such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye among luxuryyachts anchored in these harbors, charming boats with traditional and modern designs andattractive gulet charters and makes jokes about which one to get, saying this one! No, thislooks better, it better be this one? I was always amazed by the beautiful wood colors anddesigns of small and large gulets lined up side by side these harbors. And, I always envypeople eating their dinners on these beautiful gulets after sunset or enjoying their after-dinnercoffees, thinking that all these boats are belonged to them. But in fact, many of these boatsanchored in marinas are rental gulets, boats and yachts...So actually, enjoying the pleasure ofliving in a boat, sailing with a gulet of your choice and going to beautiful bays and enjoyingthe taste of summer from the sea is not as hard as you think. Most people add adventure andluxury to their summer vacations by preferring renting a private gulet charter and going toblue cruise/blue voyage tours and gulet holidays overstaying in crowded hotels and get tiredbecause of the heat of the summer. Even during the 1-day boat rentals and blue tours that wecannot wait for each summer, most of us feel free and joyful while we discover the happinessof laying down on the white mats and sailing without even noticing, feeling the wind and thewarmth of the sun on our skin. Think about a week-long vacation on your private rental gulet,a blue voyage...And think of the relaxing and refreshing effect it can bring to you.Vacations with boat rentals, gulet charter rentals and blue voyage tours has their advantagessince you can plan your trip and set the destinations, bays, harbors and historical places thatyou want to visit beforehand. You can choose a suitable gulet of your choice that you aregoing to rent with your family or friends and feel at home thanks to the stuff so that you canenjoy the sea and the nature in luxury for prices that are actually more affordable than youthink. In fact, these esthetic and charming gulets that we see especially in Aegean and MediterreneanRegion, are manufactured in shipyards of coastal towns in Turkey. However, when you thinkabout gulets and gulet holidays, Bodrum is the city which first comes to mind...These guletsthat are unique to Turkey with their variety of sizes and different designs are manufactured tobe used for different purposes such as transportation, blue voyage tours, gulet holidays andsea tourism. Also, they can be designed and manufactured according to the orders of privatecustomers in shipyards in Bodrum thanks to creativity and skills of experienced masters. Thehistory of these magnificent floating vehicles, which have gained worldwide recognitionthanks to their both durability and aesthetic features, dates back to the ancient Carian period.The name of the “gulet” comes from the form of rigging as in the classification of all sailingboats in the world. In time, the boat structure and body type used by this rigging was alsostarted to be called as Gulet.The most distinctive feature of the gulets is that the sail on therear is larger than the front...The gulets that used to be utilized in transportation have gained anew look by designing the stern side rounded for the blue voyages, boat rental opportunitiesand sea tourism which are increased in demand thanks to the tourists who want to explore theblue seas of the Aegean and the Mediterranean region. And now, this new look is calledBodrum gulet. One of the biggest features of the gulet is the kind of wood which is the mainmaterial in boating, and which encourages us to rent a gulet and sea holidays with its warmthand luxury appearance.These appealing gulets, which can be modernized according to the trends, can be made fromvarious trees such as pine, mahogany and white oak, and the choice of materials is made
according to the aesthetic appearance, ease of processing, weight of material, isolation andresistance against heat...Therefore, the annual maintenance and restoration of the guletsproduced in the shipyards by traditional methods is important. One of the nice advantages ofvacation options such as gulet rental and blue voyage is to enjoy the sea, wind and sun at anytime without having to think about maintenance and repair thanks to the agencies offeringyacht rental, gulet rental and blue voyage experience options so that you don’t have toactually purchase these boats. Alright... Let’s say you have decided to rent a gulet, now howare you going to find the one among all the beautiful gulets which changes greatly in size andinterior decoration, and most importantly, from where you are going to start your guletholiday journey?Of course there are plenty of places to see, quiet hidden bays to be cast, clean, cool waters toswim, and fish restaurants to try each serving delicious food...Although the Aegean and theMediterranean regions are home to thousands of hidden coves, turquoise seas, and whitesandy beaches, I think Bodrum is the best destination for those who wish to rent a gulet andexperience a gulet holiday for the first time, in memory of Bodrum gulets which began to beproduced by hand  in 1960s in the small workshops in Bodrum with the techniques developedby masters and improved to have a reputation in the world in a short time. I had my first gulet rental experience sailing from Bodrum on the route to Gökova where Ihave discovered the unique landscapes and historical beauties of Bodrum and Gökova whichblue and green comes side by side. And it was one of my most enjoyable blue voyagevacations with the excitement of experiencing these beauties for the first time. Moreover,Marmaris, Fethiye and Antalya regions are also very nice options for historical tours and toexperience a peaceful and relaxing gulet holiday intertwined with the nature. Now, let’s talkabout gulet rental options...When I first considered gulet rental and blue voyage, the first thing that came to mind was torent a private gulet, plan the route and destination of our gulet holiday and spend this oneweek with luxury and full of adventures with my family or friends. So I thought, to rent aprivate boat for our gulet holiday, we would better be crowded with lots of people consideringthe prices. However, when I first started to search about gulet rental and blue voyagevacations, I have realized that you can also experience a comfortable sea vacation that suitsyour budget by renting a cabin in a gulet just for yourself in a shared blue voyage tour. Iwould like to say that, as a person who experienced both of these options; they both have theirown advantages. The advantages of private gulet holidays are, when you have enough numberfor private gulet rental, you can decide for how many days you want to rent the gulet, howmany staff you want, your holiday schedule and your route, and even the food to be cookedon the boat. Moreover, you have the freedom to change your route and decide to stay onemore day in the bay you liked so much and you can also make the most beautiful holiday planthat will appeal to the different requests of your family or friends. And of course, if you wishto give yourself a reward for the successes that you worked a lot and gained all year long youcan indulge yourself by renting luxury and ultralux boats at affordable prices instead ofstandard gulets to treat yourself with a very comfortable, luxurious blue cruise vacation. Onthe other hand, the best part of the cabin rental is to meet new people and share niceconversations and memories with them...I had met a group of people in one of blue voyagevacations that I have joined by renting a cabin. I thought that they were all old friends whojoined this shared blue voyage together. Later, I was surprised to hear that they actuallybecame friends with each other on a shared tour like this one and every summer they startedto gather together as a blue voyage team and spend one week together at the sea. In addition
to establishing such nice friendships, cabin rental is of course also advantageous in terms ofprice depending on the number of people in your group.As a nature lover who loves sea holidays, blue voyage tours, the wood smell of the beautifulgulets and the white sails, I have tried to explain some of the things I know about the guletrental and blue voyage tours. I hope I could provide useful information for those who areinterested. Enjoy your vacation in the blue seas everyone...