Gulet Charter Turkey- Ramses Yachting



Isn't the word "boat rental" so cool? When you think of, the you feelthe hotness of the summer on your skin first. You're sweating, thenyou hear a voice, the sound of the sea. Suddenly this bothering feelsof the hot weather ends in the wind, sleeping under the stars. That'sthe name of the blue voyage.Boat rental is a growing action in the eyes of people. You are going tofind the boat, and you're going to choose the type, or you are going toset your route or something. But it is not like that. I think that was themost enjoyable part of this holiday, even. Ramses Yachting is shortcut for this. They are arranging everything you want, where you wantand what you're dreaming about they make you get ready for a bluetour   in   an   easy   way.   First,   the   cuisine   was   incredible.  Alwaysaccompanied by the smell of the sea, the tables were so kind andtastes that you would feel yourself in a different country every day. Ican't even tell you how kindly the route is prepared for you and foryour needs. The boats were clean, easy to rent, everything in the bluetour was enjoyable, but everything was planned to be remembered forthe following year.When I was on my way to Bodrum, I had the thoughts of how theBodrum boats were made, how they were constructed in such way.Big shipyards  come to my mind. It is  amazing that these giantvehicles, which carry you there from the sea, are coming out ofpeople hands. The Blue Tour is already the legacy of Halicarnassusfisherman, and even today's gullet yachts come from the fishing boatsthat they have wandered along the coastal shore. I am already excitedabout how the blue voyage is a myth with these vehicles, which areeven legendary on their own.The Aegean and Mediterranean coasts have always been talked aboutalmost around the entire world. With its beauty, richness and history,it will give us too much fame. What are we doing?Do you think we value it? Honestly it makes us all upset, but whenwe go and see it, people understand. What do the Blue Voyage mean?When these poets, writers, intellectuals putting all those beauties outhow did they act with love in their hearts? The coves still bear theruthlessness of mankind. They're so beautiful, I can't tell. It's like apiece of heaven. When We see these beauties, I say that I will be theguardian of these bays, because these are our past and future. We will
not go on a Blue Tour for nothing, so we will have a duty aroundhere. While we are drowning in the gray of our cities, these shoreshost historical and natural beauties.Ramses Yachting team in Bodrum welcomes us immediately. I lovethis, really. For my holidays, the sad thing is always leaving myfamily, my loved ones behind. But when the Ramses team greets us,my heart immediately warms up and forget those feelings. We'reheading  for  our  boat.  The  harbor  greets   us  like  a   chateau   withmagnificent majors. When we go to our rental boat, there is a nicewelcome ceremony. That table is still in my mind. What we eat, whatwe're already getting weight, we're going to take sweet worries.When the evening comes the excitement is coming slowly. We'vesettled in our cabins, we've got everything. Meals are ready. The crewof the boat is incredibly friendly, we're on the spot. Now we hoistanchor slowly to the shores, let's see what happens now.Of course, there are a variety of routes, but Bodrum is a big worldthat looks small. We were able to choose a route from Marmaris. Thecoves there are perfect. Bodrum Boat rental logic is based on thisalready. You can give Bodrum your back and see as much of theworld as you can see; Manastir Bay, Adali Bay, Tersane Island,Ekincik Bay, Dalyan, Fethiye. Marmaris welcomes us with all itsglory. Ruins from Egyptian, Assyrian, Persian, Macedonian, Roman,Byzantine and Seljuk civilizations garnishes this small city. This city,which is also called Fiskos, means “Nature City” in Karian language.This is also an interesting story to add our views as well. So, all thosebeauties become a forerunner for the others to see in other bays... Manastir Bay is known as Hamam Bay because of the historical bathruins. It has a tectonic structure and craters in a passive state. I amattracted to you as an engineer and I am sure you will have a pleasanttime there. A place covered with pine trees; you understand howmuch oxygen is right here. Our lungs are so clean now!Here, the beauty of the sea is already taking you away, but if you area tracking person, love to get lost between the big trees and, if youlike to explore roads, the 1.5-hour walk  to Lydae, which is one of theancient cities of Lycia, will add a different pleasure to your bluejourney.Tersane Island is exactly what I am talking about. In this island whereships, boats, yachts are built, we are witnessing the history of the
houses. I think that the people who settled on these coasts are stillinfluencing the time of migration. This is a nice, warm island thatmakes us feel safe and sound...We take the road to Ekincik Bay. Again, meals, drinks, fruits areserved in a way no limit. Ekincik Bay is a home for us and our boat.The   underwater   beauty   is   also   excellent.  Again,   thanks   to   thefacilities  provided  by Ramses  Yachting, we ran  and hugged oursimple diving equipment and snorkels. We immediately exploredunderwater. It was incredible. In the following days, we went toFethiye. The history of this place impresses me a lot. From BC 3000Lycian Civilization to BC 6th centuries Persian Empire, this city washosting to many civilizations. The blue of the sea, the warm sand andall become the main elements of a wonderful blue voyage.Afterwards we go to Göcek Island, there is also a lot of beautywaiting for us. This place is almost like a yacht-ship field, we allwant to drive our rental boats here, we want to listen to those old andfaithful boats that they can move us to other points of the bluevoyage. Here, in the landscape of 12 Islands, we eat and have ourdrinks on our boat having a pleasant night under the stars. We alsomeet nice people who make us enjoy the taste of a small Aegeantown with their warmth and tranquility.This is our blue voyage. Every day a new adventure, a new beauty ofeach day witnessing something awesome and a growing desire foreach day. Every day that we know we're going to get here, and we'renear the end, a sweet sadness collapse. When I see so much naturalbeauty and this kind interest, I just want to share this with everyone.We end the blue voyage now. Again, we're a bit sad, but with a smileon   our   face   thanks   to   goodbye   ceremony   prepared   by   RamsesYachting for us. The whole team is incredibly polite. We're dead fromsweet fatigue. We also put our last fatigue on the deck of the rentalboat with pleasant conversations. We're soft now before we take allthose burdens of the city. I wonder how the year awaits us will belike. I'm going to throw myself to the cities. But I know, all thatblueness, greenery, that smell of history, stories, sweet tradesmen andof course, our crew and captain always on our side. We thank themfor pampering us and making sure that everything is different.