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I'm going to talk about the blue voyage that I went with my family last summer which wasone of the most enjoyable holidays of my life. Let me sail to my beautiful memories whilewriting, give a bit of inspiration for those who plan a blue voyage... We had a lot of trips toAntalya with my family. Although the heat can tire you sometimes, thanks to the deep bluesea   and   the   historical   beauty,   we   had   our   most   enjoyable   vacations   in   the   route   betweenFethiye and Antalya which you can both relieve tiredness and have a charming. I am sure thatyou will enjoy the ancient cities, amphitheatres, historical harbors, and many other historicalartifacts that the Lycians have inherited us as much as we did. However, last summer we havedecided to have a brand new adventure instead of staying in hotels or camping. This time, wewanted to explore this region, which we have visited from the land with our car many times,from the sea. After doing our research for boat rental and blue voyage, we found the best bluevoyage that we can make the most of the sea more than ever and we started counting the days.All the stops, sights to visit, historical beauties to see, and even the restaurants that serve bothdelicious and healthy Mediterranean dishes were set for this blue voyage which was going tolast for 8-days. Therefore, I can say that we enjoyed each and every moment without worryingabout the next stop, the accommodation and the route to be followed. Maybe that's why I saythis was one of my best holidays. Even though there are also some delightful sides of car tripsas well, I realized that with a blue voyage experience you can set sail in turquoise waters,away from the crowds of tourist resorts, reach beautiful bays that cannot be reached easilywith the car and anchor natural harbors with your private yacht charter that, even temporary,you feel yourself at home.After this much praising, of course, I will tell you a little bit more in order to give you anopinion in case you are interested in experiencing a blue voyage vacation and yachting in theseas of Turkey. Our agreed tour company had many route options for the Blue voyage andBoat rental. As I mentioned, we chose Fethiye-Antalya route because we could not give upour love for Mediterranean Sea. But the best part is that there are many other routes for thosewho don't want to break off from the sea and the blue cruise experience. For us, the next bluevoyage destination is Aegean Sea... We started our blue voyage from Fethiye. From the moment we boarded to the boat that wewere   going   to   call   home   for   the   next   8   days,   all   the   staff,   from   the   captain   to   the   chef,welcomed us in a very friendly and cozy manner with smiling faces. Suddenly our familygrew up, we were thrown into an adventure with these beautiful people who are as muchnature lowers and whom we will share our good memories with. Of course, I have to say thatthey were as professional as they were friendly. We owe them all the joy we had when we hadthose delicious breakfasts in the deep blue sea when we wake up and when we sip our colddrinks in the sweet coolness of the evening. After all, they are the ones who know the joy andthe   value   of   the   delightful   meals   that   are   eaten   at   the   sea   and   the   pleasure   of   sharedconversations on your private boat the best so they reflected these feelings on us very well.  Talking about a blue voyage, of course one of our first stops was Ölüdeniz. This time wewatched the colorful parachutes sailing through the blue sky over Babadağ from the sea inÖlüdeniz which is Fethiye's most beautiful coast of nature and history and which mesmerizeeach of us every time we visit. In the first day, we have visited the historical ruins dating backto the Byzantine times and we have enjoyed the sea which we miss all winter. We have missedswimming in the clean blue waters so much that I can say me and my whole family could notcome out of the water... But the stress and tiredness of the whole year were gone in the firstday and after an enjoyable dinner on our private boat we went to the first, but perhaps the
most peaceful sleep of our blue voyage. Besides the fact that our boat was very comfortable,immaculate, even a luxury boat, I felt that there is nothing more relaxing than sleeping in thesea, in the clean air with in accompany with the sound of waves and smell of the wood awayfrom crowded cities and polluted air. So, the nights of boat rental experience and blue voyagewas as peaceful as the day times. Considering the fact that every day of the blue tour was sofull,   sleeping   accompanied   with   the   soft   lights   coming   reflecting   from   the   other   privateyachts, the restaurants in the harbor, and the fishermen boats at night with the lullabies of thesea and wakening up the next day so peacefully were one of the reasons why this holiday wasso joyful and memorable for me. After the morning breakfast we had on the boat, we turnedour route under the shining sun, hand in the wind to our next stop. A full day which we weregoing to visit first Kalkan and then Kaş was waiting for us. After enjoying the gentle whitesand of Ölüdeniz where the green meets the blue, we found the opportunity to walk aroundthese towns and enjoy the cold deep blue sea of their beaches and bays. Although they arevery close to each other, these towns both have a unique identity. Kalkan is  a quiet townwhere, instead of staying in the hotels and pensions, both foreign and local vacationers canrent a villa, enjoy the sea which is covered with a thousand shades of blue, visit beautifulbeaches such as Kaputaş and Patara during the day and have dinners at restaurants  whichoffers a wide variety of Turkish cuisine under the palm trees at the seaside. Moreover, Kaş is amore crowded, alive and a touristic town that offers vibrant beaches that you can spend timeat day time and a dynamic night life that you can also enjoy. I guess, this was one of theadvantages of the blue voyage trip, we had the opportunity to both commune with nature andhave fun dancing and enjoying some drinks at night in a place where tourism, entertainmentand night life were unlimited. However, Kalkan had high prices in terms of accommodationand Kas is limited of the accommodation options due to tourism and crowd. Therefore, goingto our private rental boat at the end of the day and resting and sleeping at our fluffy beds awayfrom   the   noise  and   crowd   was   one  of   the   benefits   that   blue   voyage   and   having   a  privateprivate rental boat provided us with. After our long night in Kas, we sailed to Kekova, where we visited the ancient Lycian towns,Simena Castle and the village of Üçağız, an old town. It was a long day that whole familyenjoyed   the   most   since   we   were   able   to   visit   and   walk   around   the   historical   ruins   thatmesmerise us while we also had the opportunity to swim a lot and enjoy the sea therefore itwas one of the most pleasurable days during our Blue voyage vacation. Blue voyage and bluecruise vacations are a unique experience for people who likes to visit the ancient ruins inTurkey and who are interested in history. Since many ancient cities in the Aegean and theMediterranean are built by the seaside, these cities get relatively more importance and careregarding the protection of historical places in Turkey, visiting these cities by sea is both lesstiring and more enjoyable than the with the car. Unfortunately, although we want to walkaround and see as much as we can, visiting these places and walking all day can be exhaustingduring the summer months. Therefore, coolness and refreshing nature of the sea and to be ableto lay down, have a cool drink and relax on your private boat give you a different motivation. The next day I woke up early, while others were still sleeping. Now the boat was like ourhome, and we felt like our blue voyage will never end, we will always go from one bay toanother, and enjoy the sun and the forest as well as the water. We started sailing early in themorning and I took the advantage of everyone sleeping to enjoy my book accompanied withmy coffee in the soft coolness of the morning. It was a morning of peace away from the citylife, traffic, and stress. This morning, I felt a little closer to the nature that we all moved awayfrom   and   re-understood   the   value   of   these   natural   beauties.   This   8-day   blue   voyage   wasactually worth a monthly summer vacation spent at the hotel or at the tourist resorts. So, wespent   this   day   at   Demre   and   then   at   Gökkaya   Bay.  There   was   also   an   ancient   city   and   a
fascinating historical church in today's must-visit. After some rest, we had a joyful dinner withplenty of conversations. The food we ate on the boat during the blue voyage was very nice, sowe ate a bit much, but we swam and walk a lot so we didn't gain too much weight I hope.Still, beware and be careful! :) Among the next stops of the blue voyage was Olimpos whichis an indispensable spot in this area thanks to its turquoise sea and the fascinating ancient cityright next to it. We anchored at the Genoese Harbor and the ancient city of Phaselis where wefound the opportunity to walk around. After 2 days, which we experienced both the historicaltrip and the summer holiday concepts together, we were approaching towards the end of ourBlue voyage. Before we reached Antalya, the last stop of our route, we spent our last night inKemer. As we did in Kaş, we wandered the streets of Kemer which is a touristic with a lot ofenergy and of course we tasted a piece of night life and after a long day, we set out by takingthe   last   sleep   of  our   blue   voyage   experience.  Thus,  we   have   completed   this   unforgettableexperience in Antalya. Here, no matter how classic, every good thing has an end quaote isvery appropriate. I hope the writing has been both useful and motivating and has inspired youto   experience   yachting,   boat   rental   and   the   blue   voyage   experience   in   Turkey.   We   havealready decided our next route as Bodrum-Gökova Bay for our next holiday!